Overheard on Google+ yesterday:

KT: fuckit building a web site is too much work…

SC: OMG, it’s my new mantra.

K2: lol. I’m putting that on a business card. haha

K1: Pics or didn’t happen!

Thanks KT for the best laugh I’ve had this week.

(With apologies to the many children who stumble on this by accident while researching their term papers on Lisp programming.)


We use Common Lisp for most projects involving symbolic programming for deployment on general-purpose system platforms. (Mac OS X, Linux, Windows)

We have experience using many implementations of Common Lisp, including


Keith Corbett’s bio is at URL: https://specialform.org/?page_id=20

Keith works on software development projects for Clozure Associates LLC.


Special Form Software has a web log… so that’s nice.

This is the new Web site for specialform.org


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